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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Asian Explosion

Some interesting facts about Asians and Filipinos by the US Census Bureau. We're definitely taking over the US ! Read on and be amazed...

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: May 2008
By the U.S. Census Bureau


14.9 millionThe estimated number of U.S. residents in July 2006 who said they were Asian alone or Asian in combination with one or more other races. This group comprised about 5 percent of the total population. Source: Population estimates <>

5 millionThe Asian population in California, the state that had the largest Asian population (either alone or in combination with one or more other races) on July 1, 2006, as well as the largest numerical increase from 2005 to 2006 (114,000). New York (1.4 million) and Texas (882,000) followed in population. Texas (43,000) and New York (34,000) followed in numerical increase. In Hawaii, Asians made up the highest proportion of the total population (56 percent), with California (14 percent) and New Jersey and Washington (8 percent each) next. Source: Population estimates <>

3.6 millionNumber of Asians of Chinese descent in the U.S. Chinese-Americans are the largest Asian group, followed by Filipinos (2.9 million), Asian Indians (2.7 million), Vietnamese (1.6 million), Koreans (1.5 million) and Japanese (1.2 million). These estimates represent the number of people who are either of a particular Asian group only or are of that group in combination with one or more other Asian groups or races. Source: 2006 American Community Survey <>


2.5 millionThe number of people 5 and older who speak Chinese at home. After Spanish, Chinese is the most widely spoken non-English language in the country. Tagalog, Vietnamese and Korean are each spoken at home by more than 1 million people. Source: 2006 American Community Survey <>

The Future

33.4 millionThe projected number of U.S. residents in 2050 who will identify themselves as single-race Asians. They would comprise 8 percent of the total population by that year. Source: Population projections <>

213%The projected percentage increase between 2000 and 2050 in the population of people who identify themselves as single-race Asian. This compares with a 49 percent increase in the population as a whole over the same period of time. Source: Population projections <>


Races in Charlotte:

  • White Non-Hispanic (55.1%)
  • Black (32.7%)
  • Hispanic (7.4%)
  • Other race (3.6%)
  • Two or more races (1.7%)
  • Asian Indian (0.9%)
  • Vietnamese (0.8%)
  • American Indian (0.7%)
  • Other Asian (0.7%)

Only .7% ! No wonder I feel like I'm the only Filipino in this part of town!

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