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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Filipino Connection

Blessings come in many forms but most of the time, we are blind to see it...

In this world of Spam and junk mails, it is easy to dismiss email messages that you have no business with whatsoever. So I, like any normal email account holders, go to a deletion spree at any given time. But then there's that occasional instances wherein I would actually spare a few emails here and there, just to check and ponder on for a while until I decide to vanish it forever.

So, this past few weeks, I started getting this email from . I'm like, whaattt ?? Gringo Honasan is spamming now too! (yeah funny!) - turned out, it is a filipino website which was useful for me ! Don't know how they got my email info but I'm Ok with it now.

Since I started this blog about my "Filipino-ness", I needed connection like theirs to keep up with my fellow kababayans' events and such. Blessing in a disguise indeed! So come check it out : FilAm nation (only downside is that all the event is in California) (sob). "wish I live in California"...

Scroll down the bottom of the page to see Gary V. in concert in Cali .

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